Sons of Greed

Rally at Fallcrest

Date: 1.9.2001
Location: Forest outside the Kamroth Estate
DM: Tory Kuntzelman
Anthony Carroll as Faelyn Stillhawk the Elf Slayer.
Tim Ritsko as CLU the Changling Warrior Forge Artificer.
Jerod Didway as Claw the Longtooth Shifter Valorous Cavalier.
Joshua Bennett as Chronok the Dwarf Battlerage Fighter.

Beaten and bloodied from their first foray into the Kamroth Estate, the party regroups on a hilltop overlooking the cursed property. Shortly after introducing two new tough-as-nails heroes to the group, the party is ambushed by fearsome undead!

Encounter 1:
Wave after wave of undead soldiers have been dispatched to ambush the heroes.

x2 Gravehounds
x3 Zombies
x2 Fleshseeker Ghouls

Assessment: A. The party spent few resources battling the undead threat

Encounter 2:
After re-entering the mansion, the party runs into one of the Gauths that thrashed the party on the day before, along with some mercenaries.

x1 Gauth Beholderkin lvl 5 Elite Artillery
x3 Dragonborn Sellswords lvl 2 Skirmisher

Assessment: B. While the vile junior eye-tyrant gave the party some trouble, everyone survived and even captured a prisoner who revealed the challenges that laid ahead of the party.



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