Sons of Greed

Party at the Top of a Hill

Date: 1.2.2001
Location: Northern Hilltops of Fallcrest.
DM: Tory Kuntzelman
Anthony Carroll as Tia the Drow Feypact Hexblade.
Tim Ritsko as CLU the Changling Warrior Forge Artificer.
John Joshua as Claw the Longtooth Shifter Valorous Cavalier.

Our story begins as our Heroes enter the Dark Manse of the widely respected Armos Kamroth, the wealthiest noble in the town of Fallcrest. Claw, Clu, and Tia were payed 500 gold pieces to investigate the mansion, which had been silent for two days.

Encounter 1:
After entering through the front gate, the party entered the first floor of the mansion. In the great hall, were several other nobles there, dressed as though they were all at a party. After babbling a lot of nonsense to the confused and creeped-out adventurers, they transformed into hideous monsters and attacked.

x2 Dolgaunts lvl 3 Soldier
x3 Doulgrimms lvl 2 Brutes

Assessment: C. The party barely survived an easy encounter.

Encounter 2:
Heading onward into the library. The Party runs into a dastardly trap, drawing the wrath of two fearsome guardians.

x2 Gauth Beholderkin lvl 5 Elite Artillery

Assessment: D. Abandoned by his comrades, Claw was torched to death by eye lasers.



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