Drow Assassin


Nilzen was the firstborn male to the fifth house of Menzobarranzan, Felus An’vir. As the only son Matron Mother Anathema An’vir gave birth, he lived within a family filled with ruthless priestesses of Lolth, his only male associates were the family weapons master Uncle Zarrath and his adopted brother Cryx.

At an early age Nilzen showed amazing talent for being agile and cunning, which consequently led him to be sent to Melee Mag’there, an academy for Drow males who specialize in hand to hand combat. He was schooled in the arts of stealth, deceit, and assassination. After graduation his Matron Mother used Nilzen as a means to assassinate key rival family members, specifically priestesses and champions, while Cryx, who possessed a unique gift of transformation, provided him with a flawless alibi of public display.

Fortunately he was on an assassination mission when his family house was attacked and eradicated by a rival family. Only his weapon master uncle Zerrath, youngest sister Nafira, and adopted brother Cryx survived the encounter by having Cryx transform into one of the enemy soldiers and providing a distraction. The following week the four remaining An’vir members demanded the right of vengeance upon the rival house and within hours it was destroyed by all of the standing house of Menzoberranzan as pertaining to Drow law. They were quickly adopted into House Baenre, the first House of Menzoberranzan.

Nafira soon became a first priestess of Lloth, Zerrath an instructor for House Baenre’s soldiers, Nilzen continued to be used as a tool of death, and Cryx as a champion, whom kept his transformation abilities a secret. Later it was discovered by Nilzen and Cryx that several of the upper houses had a hand in An’virs demise. Nilzen sought personal vengeance and unknown to Zarrath and Nafira, Cryx agreed to aid him. Their plans went into motion immediately, Cryx posed as Nilzen for timed public dinners as the An’vir firstborn male employed his talent for utilizing the shadows and the inter workings of the Drow city to bring swift death to the guilty Drow nobility from the upper family houses.

After the fourth murder by Nilzen, Lolth, the Drow Goddess of the Undercity, became infuriated as Nilzen’s assassinations were done out of vengeance and not out of honor for her. The Spider Queen sent his new Matron Mother a vision of malice intent, announcing that the assassins of the Drow nobility were within her household and demanding the execution of the assassins or her house would suffer the loss of the Spider Queens favor and thus fall prey to annihilation. Positive that her own blood would not betray her and conduct murder without her consent, the Matron Mother turned her gaze upon Nilzen, Cryx, Nifira, and Zarrath. Her investigation showed that Zarrath was busy at work, training new soldiers during the times of assassination and Nifira was always at the Mother Matrons side, but Cryx and Nilzen disappeared hours on end prior to the assassinations and would make always random, but memorable appearances during but never together. With this newly found information, the Matron Mother quickly made plans to eliminate the suspected pair and purge her house of any evidence.

A surface raid was arranged by the Matron Mother as a ruse to lure the brothers into an unsuspecting environment for extermination. When both brothers were told they would be accompanying the raid Nilzen immediately realized something sinister was afoot for never had Cyrx participated in a surface raid as only the elite warriors and priestesses of family participated in. Though Cyrx was an adopted family member, he was still second class to noble blood and thus should have been overlooked for such an honorable task.

Preparations were made well in advance and once the Drow party had emerged from the Underdark depths, Cyrx struck the first blow, poisoning the food supply and weakening their would be assailants to the brink of death. Nilzen delivered the finishing blow, massacring his weakened Drow brethren.

The two set off into the surface world to remake their lives as skilled sell swords for only death awaited a returned trip to Menzobarranzan.


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