Sons of Greed

The Treasure Vault

Location: The Vault Doors, Kamroth Estate
DM: Tory Kuntzelman
Anthony Carroll as Korgoth the Goliath Stormrage Barbarian.
Tim Ritsko as Rue the Changling Warrior Forge Artificer.
John Joshua Herrera as Claw the Longtooth Shifter Valorous Cavalier.
Meli Pope as Faelyn Stillhawk the Elf Slayer.
David Lewis as Saya the Deva Mage.

Given the key to Armos Kamroths treasure Vault is only half the trick of getting to the phat loots that wait inside. The party must also get past the dastardly guards and traps that protect the doors, and also escape to freedom.

Encounter 1:
Descending into the treasure room, the party must survive a gauntlet of dangerous scything blades!

x2 Silver Hurlers lvl 3 Artillery
x2 Silver Spearmen lvl 3 Brute
x1 Iron Cobra lvl 3 Controller
Scything Blade Trap

Assessment: A. The party handily dispatched the automated guards and avoided any unfortunate accidents with the trap.

The party reached the Treasure Vault where they discovered an array of useful magical gear (to be written in a future log entry) as well as two important artifacts.

The Golden Acorn

History or Nature DC 16: Planting this magical acorn will immediately sprout a new Druid Grove, complete with a new Wilden Ancient to protect it.

The Adamantine Horse of Xarn

History or Religion DC 21: Legend says the the Adamantine Horse was a give from the god Bahamut to the dragonslayer Xarn in the final days of the Dawn Wars. This tiny statue summons a mighty steed of metal and fire to assist a hero in battle. It is a stubborn, but stalwart companion.



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