Sons of Greed

Bully Bullette

Location: Deep within the Kamroth Estate
DM: Tory Kuntzelman
Anthony Carroll as Korgoth the Goliath Stormrage Barbarian.
Tim Ritsko as Rue the Changling Warrior Forge Artificer.
John Joshua Herrera as Claw the Longtooth Shifter Valorous Cavalier.
Joshua Bennett as Chronok the Dwarf Battlerage Fighter.

Having met with moderate success, the party hear of a secret passageway that will gain them entrance to Armos Kamroth’s personal sanctum. In order to get there; however, they had to first get past Armos’s “pets”

Encounter 1:
The party descends into a huge terrarium filled with sand and rocks. Faint rumbling quakes their spirits as soon as their feet hit the sand. They meet with a mystical old Entling, who warns them of the beast beneath, and of the master who enslaved him.

x1 Bullette
x1 Wilden Ancient

Assessment: A. A hard-fought battle against a daunting foe. Everyone survived the encounter, and all benefited from a mighty blessing from the land for destroying the vile tunneling creature, and some even promised to find and replant the Wilden Ancient’s sacred acorn, so that he might be born anew in freedom.

Encounter 2:
After Ascending Armos Kamroth’s tower the party stumbles on an awkward conversation as the noble lord’s eldest son, Morspeth Kamroth, for botching some aspect of his plan to murder his father and acquire his fortune.

Morspeth Kamroth, Privileged Noble lvl 6 Elite Controller (L)
x3 Dragonborn Sellswords lvl 2 Skirmisher
x1 Hobgoblin Warcaster lvl 3 (L)

Assessment: A. By using subtle tricks, the party was able to thin out the weaker members of Morspeth’s band of warriors. After wounding him, they struck up a bargain to plunder the late Armos Kamroths hidden treasure vaults, as long as the party helps him get away with his scheme to swindle the Queen of Dragons and her servents.



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